Billing Policies

Hourly Based Service:

Click IT services are provided on a per hour basis, at either our standard hourly rate or at a rushed rate, billed in 15 minute increments. Click IT provides this two-tiered rate structure so that we are able to quickly respond to the needs of all our customers, while still handling our regular work load. Fixed-based services or products will be offered in writing and indicated on a quotation, work order or estimate. Approval of the described work and these Billing Policies is indicated by the Customer receipt of these Billing Policies. Approval may also come verbally or in some other form, such as in an email. This contract supersedes all other advertisements, previous agreements or other contracts, written or oral. Below are additional details regarding our rates and billing policies:

Response Time:

There are standard work orders and rushed work orders. When a standard work order for service is placed, we may not be able to begin the work immediately, depending on our current workload, which is considered our standard response time. Standard work orders are placed in the order in which they are received. Rushed work orders are given priority, whereby rushed work orders are placed in front of all standard work orders. Our standard rate applies when work conducted was not a rushed order. If a Customer requires a rushed service, we will respond as soon as possible within 24 hours at our rushed rate. The Customer will be notified of the difference in these rates and given the option to choose which type of service they are requesting, standard or rushed.

Service Availability:

Our standard rate is for work completed during our regular business hours, 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, (Eastern Standard Time) Monday through Friday, except holidays. Saturdays are not considered normal business hours because we operate then with a limited staff, but the store is open from 10 AM until 1 PM for our customers’ convenience. Our rush rate will always apply when work is requested after regular business hours or within 24 hours.

Appointments Requested:

Appointments are encouraged but not required. Walk-ins are welcomed. To make an appointment for technical service, call (440)247-4998.

On-Site Service, Pickup and Delivery:

There may be a charge for pickup and delivery, depending on the distance we have to drive. Billed time for on-site service begins at the time the technician leaves the Click IT offices and ends when they return to Click IT.


The Customer agrees that payment is due upon completion of service. Click IT accepts all valid credit cards. A surcharge of $25 will be assessed on all returned checks. Customer agrees to pay all collection fees, legal fees and court costs resulting from any dispute between the parties. For on-site work, receipt of a work-order indicates that the Customer has inspected and accepted the completion of all work performed.

Contracted I-T Management:

If Customer has a service contract with Click IT and is in a critical situation needing faster than normal service, Click IT will respond within the agreed upon time at the agreed upon rate. To learn more about the benefits of contracted I-T management for your company, contact Click IT at (440)247-4998.

Estimates Based on Information Provided:

Estimates are based on a diagnostic evaluation, analysis or assessment of the equipment in question. Information is gathered from inspection of equipment that has either been delivered to Click IT or from a visit by our staff to the Customer’s home or facility; where we collected as much information as possible during a limited length of time. This “consultation period” by nature takes time, knowledge and expertise. Before work begins, Click IT will evaluate and discuss the condition and behavior of the equipment in question with the Customer. If additional research is required, our approach to finding a solution to the problem will be discussed and approved by the customer prior to Click IT doing any of the proposed work. By the Customer receiving this information, the Customer acknowledges, approves and accepts what is to be done at the estimated cost.


Click IT may make recommendations based on what our technicians find out while working with the Customer’s equipment. The Customer must approve any work before recommendations are implemented. This approval may come verbally, once other work has begun as initially described on this form. Technician will note any additional work done, so that the Customer’s invoice can properly reflect all work completed.

Virus Cleaning, Factory Restores & Tune-Ups:

The Customer acknowledges that due to the steps taken during standard virus cleaning, factory restore and tune-up procedures, some things such as favorites, Internet history, saved passwords, and software may be removed during the process. All risks for lost data or information rests with the Customer. It is also the Customer’s responsibility to provide licensing keys to Click IT if any software is to be restored. Although we will make every effort to restore a system back to its origional working order, Click IT can take no responsibility for lost favorites, Internet history, saved passwords, lost documents, data, etc.

Storage Fees:

The Customer agrees to pick up their equipment from Click IT within a reasonable time after any service has been completed. Failure to collect their equipment within one week of being notified that the services have been completed will result in a storage fee of an additional $15 per day.


Click IT guarantees that all hardware and software is properly installed and that this work was done with the Customer’s acknowledgement and authorization. This guarantee is for labor only, and does not apply to material failure, regular wear and tear, “acts of God”, or a Customer’s change of mind regarding approval. Neither contract nor guarantee is transferable. Guarantee becomes effective when work has been paid for in full. Click IT reserves the right to discount a portion of the cost in lieu of doing additional work. All hardware carries a restocking fee of 20%. A guarantee that work performed will alleviate any known issue at hand is neither given nor implied. Additional steps may be needed to be taken to resolve an issue. Click IT will advise and recommend additional steps when the information becomes available. Description of work and Customer approval may be provided on a separate form.

All Technical Support Work

All sales are subject to Click IT’s “Terms and Conditions of Sale”. See below.

Changes and updates to these Policies, Guarantee and Terms and Conditions of Sale can be made at any time, with or without notice.