Data Backup and Recovery Services

Disaster Prevention Monitoring Service

Nearly every single business relies on data. Data has gone from being stored on scrolls of papyrus to papers file cabinets, and now ultimately to computers. Customer information, financial data, the recipe for your company's secret sauce: they're all accessed and viewed on computers now. Chances are, if you are running a small business or working out of a home office, losing the data on your computer would be catastrophic. A hard drive is a moving part; and, like a human arm or a leg, it will unavoidably go bad because of repeated use through the years. Your crucial files and the programs that run them are all stored on a hard drive prone to failure.

The problem with un-managed and online back-ups

Backup solutions are abundant now in the computer world; however, the majority of them take constant, conscious maintenance and expertise to run them successfully. When the unexpected does happen, data recovery can prove confusing and it can take days or even weeks to get back up and running again in the manner you're used to. Not only that, rarely do conventional back-ups do anything to restore programs once your hard drive has gone bad. They require time and know-how that most small businesses don't have. If a small detail is missed or a backup fails for any reason, it could spell disaster.

When it comes to data backup, you want a service that is fully managed by experts

With Click IT, you'll never lose data or have extended downtime. Our unique backup solutions ensure that nothing short of the apocalypse will cause data loss. With drive monitoring, we can predict the future and tell you before a drive goes bad. We'll also guide you in taking measures to replace any bad drives and completely divert any downtime. If a drive does go bad, our service allows us to restore your computer to its former state within hours. That means

    • Drive recommendation and setup
    • Drive size monitoring and tracking
    • Disk health status checks
    • Fragmentation monitoring
    • Time consistency checking
    • Log monitoring
    • RAID status check
    • Critical service monitoring
    • Drive Swap

Managed-Back-up Solution

Theft? Fire? Flood? or what's lurking out there now Cryptolocker ransomware? Or maybe it's the work environment that surrounds you that could unwittingly pose the greatest risk to your data. Acts of God may be rare, but the unintentional deletion of highly important files, hackers breaking into your network, holding it ransom and wreaking havoc, or theft -- all stand out as very real threats to the longevity and survivability of your business.

By having us instigate a Click IT Managed Backup Solution, you'll have comfort in knowing you have our secure Cloud managing your backup and hard drive recovery if needed. Our Managed Cloud-based Backup solution has been thoroughly tested and evaluated for integrity and so your system will be actively backing up your files every 24 hours. Every day, a Click IT technician checks for any errors or problems in the transmission of your data. You also will receive weekly reports, Telling you of the integrity and health of your systems. In this way, if any disaster does hits, we'll have all your files so they can be restored to working order within a few short hours.

Data Recovery Services

Click IT utilizes the best in industry standards and practices and finds the best solutions when it comes to providing services to our customers that we ourselves can't do internally. This is why we have chosen to partner with Gillware for data recovery (Partner Number: 50566 ), so when disaster has struck and our tools and efforts just can't recover your damaged or fried hard disk(s), we still have an option. Better yet, they will evaluate your drive(s) and provide a no-risk quotation, with no evaluation fee. The policy is if they can't recover the data, there is no charge. Based on their quotation, you can then decide to move forward or not, send the drive(s) back or recycle.

Get my data recovered now!

For data recovery, to receive a fast free estimate, click on the "Get my data recovered now" link above and fill out Gillware's form. Or enter the Click IT account portal by clicking here.