Secure Email Hosting & Management

Click IT offers the best-in-class, reasonably-priced, value-added email services to better protect and manage our customers’ data, domains and emails.
We all rely on email to communicate today. But email is also the major conduit for everything nasty, that can happen to your data and network.
So why Click IT?
The key difference is that from us, you'll get 'management'. Additionally and uniquely, as "Your Local I.T. Department", Click IT Email also provides a level of security unsurpassed. We have gained many customers merely because another email service has failed to deliver a secure and reliable email service. Take Gmail for instance. Even though it's free, it spies on you and if this is not okay, then you need Click IT! We provide trustworthiness with security and reliability. At Click IT, we make sure your email is working, your data is secure and you have the service working on all their devices, which can get very complicated. Make sure you learn about our Email Authentication Service and Email Assurance, which are additionals that make your email not only more secure but also so that it works better too.