They solved the problem


They started off mostly doing corporate stuff. Then they opened a shop for consumers. They opened a whole new place down the street from where they had been. One of the cool things about them is that they develop their own computer security system that doesn’t address viruses by putting in lists of bad viruses and trying to screen for them. They have proprietary software that prevents anything being installed on our computer without our permission. It doesn’t matter how many thousands of viruses need to be screened for, all of them have to be installed on or computer for them to do bad stuff. They just prevent them from installing. Before they came out with this software product, I had several instances where I had to clean out nasty viruses from the computer. I haven’t had to use it since they installed that a year ago in January, and it automatically renews after a year. They solved the problem. They were a little bit pricey. I just told my daughter I wanted her to get that same software on her computer.

Description of work:

I used Click IT for computer repair and service. I have used them several times.

Listed as an “A” on Angie’s List