Apple iOS 12.2 Fixes 50 Security Holes: Update Immediately

On Monday this week, Apple released iOS 12.2.  If you have the iPhone 5s, iPod Touch 6, and iPad Air or newer, you will want to update to this version immediately because it fixes about 50 major security holes, the majority of which involve the Kernel. 

The Full list of fixes can be found on Apple’s Support Page about the update.

A couple of striking ones that should stand out to the average user involve the Safari web browser and WiFi use on their devices. The Safari security fix involved a website’s ability to gain access to sensor devices in a phone without knowledge and consent from the user.  The WiFi security hole involved passive location tracking based on your device’s WiFi MAC Address.

Owners of the devices running on iOS should update immediately. To check for Software updates for iOS, go to the Settings app General Software Update.  If your device is compatible and has not updated you will be notified about an available update.  Make sure your device is plugged into a charger when you update because a power loss during the update will brick the device.

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